my career plan

I want to work as a member of general trading company like Mituibussan and Mitubisisyouji. Now, these general treading companies does not only trading but also various businesses. For example: develop a mine, invest in venture business, and do anything if people need something. Theirs style are very flexible.

Most employees in the trading company work very hard but they seems enjoy their life, because they have discretion and resources satisfactory to do the business. General treading companies have enough money, talent, networks and brains.

Each general trading company needs men who have vitality, sense, communication skill and many abilities. I do not know whether I have these skills or not. However, I feel that I am a man of action, so I think that general trading company is best place to work for me, because it’s businessman move about the world and do many kind of business. Most important personality for work as businessman is active, I think. Some businessman saied “most people do many mistake first, but if you do your best for business, you will get ability” when I listened it, I feel I hove to exercise my personality.

I think my personality accord with needs of general trading company, so I will examine for business, companies, and economy to get a my ideal occupation.
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I neglected this blog for long time.

But I feel that I need English knowledge, so I decided continue this blog to progress my English.
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Do not hurry

Revision to the consitution

It is appered on Yomiuri-sinnbun today which observed hurry to form comittee to discus about Revision to the consitution.

I know yomiuri-sinnbun wants to change the article 9 of constitution. And I cannot agree with its opinion. There are no reason change it so quickly. The article 9 is most imprtant item in our consitution.

I agree with tolk about it. But it is too essential to hasten to make a determination.
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I find a funny weblog


to K.O, you like funny love story aren't you?Click this picture!
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Very fanny card game

Uno is very famous card game. But if you add extra rule, it become more funny.
The rule is, divide the member into two groups and one team must speak only Japanease, other team must speak only English. If person of Japanease speaker say English word carelessly, he have to draw card.
It's seems very easy, but difficult. And if anyone do carelessmiss, all the member laugh loudly.
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Objet d'art for Sakanamati town hall

Yasu(a friend of art school day) tempted me to make a objet d'art for Sakanamachi town hall that completiond recently.
Today, we met client to hear that detail and their picture of Sakanamachi.
Sakanamati is downtown of Hmamatu city.ther are many bar and restaurant and some boutique.But lately, Hmamatu goes downhill.and Sakanamchi isn't exception.
So autonomous memmber dscided to change the town.Doesn't like a MATIOKOSI. They hope to make a good location to live. We have to design the thing that follow teir concept.

Town hall

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I am a Design major. But I'm not planning become a designer.

I'm interested in business. So I have to study English.

I want study English with joy.And I feel taht study at University isn't enough for me, but I don't have money to go English school. And so, I gess idea that make a weblog in English. I write diary in English, it rise my writing skill. And, if anyone coment on my diary in English, it rise his skill too and it will pleasant thing for us.

If you find error, please let me know.
And if you know better phease for the article, please teach me.
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